MIRA Statement

Mira The women board of the Slovene PEN Centre MIRA Statement Programme guidelines for the activities of MIRA MIRA, the women board of the Slovene PEN Centre attends to: 1 A more marked presence of women – women writers, intellectuals and publicists in the Slovene public space, an enhancement of their reputation and representation in various public institutions, at public meetings and decision-making sites, as well as to a thorough asserting of their right to freedom of expression and personal integrity; 2 Active promotion of a proportional share of women writers and poets, literary critics, scientists and publicists in the SC PEN, its agencies, conferences and meetings; it also sees to their participation at the International PEN Writers' Meeting in Bled, with a special programme prepared by the women board; 3 Discussion and expert dealing with urgent questions pertaining to the items under 1 and 2; 4 Regular presentation of the creative and intellectual potential as well as achievements of women writers, poets, literary critics and scientists from Slovenia and abroad; better acquaintance of the SC PEN and the wider Slovene society with the feminist endeavours in this sphere and the related areas, upholding a change of the social paradigm from a competitive into a collaborative one; 5 Cooperation with kindred incentives, communities and individual men and women within the Slovene area and outside, taking into consideration also the problem of the so-called intersectionality; 6 New printed or internet editions pertaining to the activities of MIRA; 7 Bestowing, once a year, a literary award MIRA, to a chosen authoress for her entire opus and her fundamental bearing that makes room also for others, in the spirit of MIRA's aspirations. MIRA in all its activities observes the principles of non-hierarchy, equality and respect to all others, also those with dissimilar opinions, as well as the principles of shaping and promoting a shared space, to be based on introspection, benevolence and need for common good. Its activities are in accordance with the International PEN Statement, expressing a consensus with it wherever possible, but never sanctioning the patriarchal stereotypes and roles. MIRA resolutely rejects any act of violence, including verbal, acts of dominance, any reestablishing of power principles and discrimination of women, as well as authors, both female and male, and their achievements, due to a difference of opinion, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, class, language, economic status and other personal conditions.   Ljubljana, March 8th 2013